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Understanding the remarkable biodiversity of Príncipe Island

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São Tomé, (859 km2), and Príncipe, (142 km2), are the two main islands of this archipelago country located in the Gulf of Guinea. The forests of São Tomé and Príncipe (STP) are ranked as the second most important in terms of biological interest of the 75 forests of Africa. The islands are also in the top 25% of 218 Endemic Bird Area, (EBAs), worldwide and have been included among the Important Bird Area, (IBAs), of Africa for their species richness.


Principe has at least 33 known terrestrial birds’ species of which more than 50% are endemic such as the Príncipe Thrush, Turdus xanthorhynchus (CR) and the Principe White-eye, Zosterops ficedulinus (VU). This project will take place in the Príncipe Island UNESCO Biosphere Reserve covering 71 500 ha, 5 670 ha of which is represented by Principe Natural Park (PNP) and it’s Buffer Area.


The biosphere reserve includes the entire emerged area of the island of Príncipe, and its islets. Fundação Príncipe Trust (FPT) works since 2015 to ensure that the natural and cultural biodiversity of Príncipe is protected and provides the basis for the well-being of local people and a sustainable economy. Globally, forests are being lost at an alarming rate with critical impacts on forest biodiversity.


All of the island’s forests, including those within PNP, are used by the island’s citizens for hunting, timber and foraging for non-timber forest products. Island biodiversity also is particularly susceptible to the introduction of non-native species. Knowledge of many species of conservation concern is so poor that it is difficult to assess whether the national and regional biodiversity strategies are appropriate.


The government of Príncipe and the PNP management team currently lack the skills and resources to deliver an effective monitoring programme for the park. The purpose of this project is to improve the knowledge on the Príncipe Biodiversity, contributing to Support and update the Action Plan for the Príncipe Thrush, develop an Action Plan for the Obô Land Snail (Archachatina bicarinata, VU) and review the Management plan for PNP.

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