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The French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM)

The French Facility for Global Environment supports innovative projects in favour of the environment in developing countries. Created in 1994 by the French government following the first Earth Summit, it has already supported 333 projects in over 120 countries, two-thirds of them in Africa.

The FFEM works in partnership with public, private or civil society actors, both from the north and the south, with other donors and international organizations. The projects it finances generate local environmental, social and economic benefits. They help preserve biodiversity, climate, international waters, lands and the ozone layer and fight against chemical pollution. The particularity of the FFEM: to rely on pilot projects to learn from them and disseminate their innovations on a larger scale.

The MAVA Foundation

Founded in 1994 in Switzerland, MAVA, Foundation for Nature, is a private foundation for the conservation of biodiversity for the benefit of human beings and nature, which funds, mobilizes and strengthens the conservation community in Switzerland, in Mediterranean and West Africa. It works through partnerships with international, national and local NGOs, research institutions, universities and sometimes government agencies. MAVA is in its final phase of activity and has planned to cease financing in 2022.

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