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A program to support the actors of the African civil society who protects biodiversity


The Small-Scale Initiatives Program (PPI), implemented by the French Committee of IUCN, aims to strengthen the contribution of the civil society in Sub-Saharan African countries to preserve the biodiversity, while improving the living conditions of local people. Through an adapted accompaniment support, it promotes the emergence of an active and effective African civil society and aims to increase the political legitimacy of these actors on the ground, in a perspective of influence of the public debate.


Local initiatives to conserve biodiversity and fight against climate change


The PPI supports some organizations of the civil society (CSOs) through the funding of biodiversity conservation and climate change projects.


The PPI is, today, the main tool of the French cooperation, directly financing Southern CSOs for concrete actions of conservation of the biodiversity.


A tailored support and coaching of regional dynamics


Strengthening of technical organizational and strategic capacities, daily and individualized coaching of partners or support for networking, the PPI supports the emergence and long-term development of the actors of the African civil society capable to influence public policies of nature conservation on the basis of their field experience.


In this perspective, PPI has recently supported the structuring of networks and alliances of civil society actors, by theme or by region.


PPI in figures


Since 2006, the PPI has launched 22 calls for projects, received 5,000 proposals and funded 274 projects run by 190 CSOs in 33 countries, including 28 in West and Central Africa, Madagascar and Mozambique.


In total, € 11.5 million FFEM & the MAVA Foundation grants were paid directly to CSOs (an average of € 650,000 per year). At the same time, an amount of € 13.7 million of co-financing was mobilized by the beneficiaries. A total of almost € 25 million total has thus been dedicated to financing concrete nature conservation initiatives.


The average grant is of €32,000 for an average 20 months-project.


PPI currently operates in 19 countries (more here).


In a quantitative and non-exhaustive manner, through its action, the PPI has since its inception made it possible to support:


– The creation of around 500,000 ha of Community-based Protected Areas (PA),


– The creation of around 200 governance structures relating to PA management,


– Around a hundred projects with the main objective of conserving an emblematic flagship species,


– At least 145 projects to create or support 25 sustainable economic sectors


How are projects selected ?


A selection committee made up of experts (complete list of members available here), IUCN members and partners (NGOs and French foundations that finance projects in the same regions) is in charge of selecting PPI projects.


This capitalization film presents in a synthetic way, the main lessons learned from the experience :


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