FPT – Fundação Príncipe Trust

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Who are we?

Fundação Príncipe is a local NGO based in Príncipe Island (São Tomé & Príncipe, west Africa) that works to promote the sustainable economic and social development of the island communities with the protection of the natural resources and the conservation of the island biodiversity.


– Knowledge about Príncipe’s biodiversity expanded and used to influence decision-making processes;

– Illegal and harmful practices to Príncipe’s biodiversity reduced and Local consumption practices improved;

– Increased sustainability of the Príncipe Trust

Nos actions

  • Develop a plan for data collection and analysis & Strengthen and develop new partnerships and exchanges in our current projects
  • Influence decision-making at government level, informed by data analysis shared  adapting the language and making data more accessible to the general public e and other stakeholders
  • Strengthen  campaigns and promotion of the legislation on – and alternatives to – practices that are illegal or harmful to biodiversity, for and with the communities
  • Invest in the development of employment opportunities associated to nature conservation
  • Build capacity of staff according to a capacity needs assessment for the whole organisation and develop and implement a financial sustainability plan