• Creation-Management of Community based Protected Areas

Protect Madagascar’s endemic reptiles and amphibians through the sustainable management of protected areas

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  • Bénéficiaire Madagasikara Voakajy
  • Montant du projet € 160 556
  • Subventions FFEM € 47 947
  • État du projet achevé

Madagasikara Voakajy is an important association in Madagascar, member of the civil society platform Alliance Voahary Gasy. Between 2010 and 2013, it benefited from a PPI which focused on the creation of 3 New NAP Protected Areas, (IUCN category VI), and the transfer of the management of natural resources, (medium altitude humid forests), to the communities residing around these NAPs in Anosibe An’Ala district in Alaotra Mangoro Region, Toamasina province, with very satisfactory results.


The current project concerns three of the six protected areas created by Madagasikara Voakajy. These are Mangabe-Ranomena-Sasarotra, (or Mangabe in Moramanga district), Ambatofotsy and Ankorabe, (in Anosibe An’Ala district). The forest fragments in these protected areas are isolated and constitute oases for the species which shelter there, including 3 species in critical danger of extinction, (two reptiles – a chameleon Calumma tarzan, a gecko – Phelsuma pronki – and an amphibian – Mantella aurantiaca).


Due to their isolation, these fragments are very sensitive to degradation factors such as tavy, (clearing-burnt), but also to illegal gold mining. The development plans for the three NAPs (a total of 29,000 ha) provide for local communities to become managers within 10 years; It is therefore proposed here to strengthen the capacities of village associations called Vondron’Olona Ifotony (VOI), to improve their standard of living through the establishment of improved agricultural practices and the creation of a cooperative and to organize the monitoring of sensitive areas and restoration of habitats of target species.


This project will involve the members of the 15 VOIs including 11 in Mangabe, 3 (Fanilo, Tsinjo and Tahiry) in Ambatofotsy and 1 (Aro) in Ankorabe) or approximately 1,200 households, of which 225 are the direct beneficiaries.




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