• Creation-Management of Community based Protected Areas

Contributing to the conservation of the Ebo forest through Involvement of Traditional Systems

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The Ebo forest is a key biodiversity hotspot with many threatened species of plants and animals recorded. Indeed, a healthy population of Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzees estimated to be around 700 strong, is found within its borders. Among these chimps is the only population east of Ivory Coast known to use tools for nut-cracking. In 2002, a new population of gorilla was discovered in the Ebo forest, less than 100km north of River Sanaga. The Ebo forest also harbours elephants and other nine diurnal primates including important species in serious decline elsewhere such as drills and Preuss’ red colobus. The Ebo forest is also rich in floral diversity with the presence of the endemic and Critically Endangered threatened Pallisota ebo, a new species of plant discovered by researcher for National herbarium and Kew Gardens.


The biodiversity of the Ebo forest is at high risk because of the enormous threat by poachers and other wildlife traffickers that constitute more 60% of the population of the communities of Ndobong and Ebo. The availability of a ready market for bush meat in Douala and ineffective law enforcement has created favourable conditions for poachers and wildlife traffickers to operate with impunity.


In addition to that, the Ebo forest has been considered for many options by the government of Cameroon with the latest being to cede out the forest for logging by the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, an option that was strongly criticized by the conservation stakeholders and the local communities with the Presidency of Cameroon finally suspending the process. Given the current situation community conservation option stands out as the only viable alternative.


This project promotes traditional systems, practices and knowledge in conserving the Ebo forest by elaborating and implementing community by-laws while supporting the local communities in forest based income generating activities.

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