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Support project for the creation of an Intercommunal Reserve of Grand Nokoué

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BEES NGO has already implemented, since 2015, with the support of TETRAKTYS, (a French association for cooperation for the local development of natural spaces), a PPI 4 project dedicated to the ecotourism enhancement of the Dékanmey site located on Lake Nokoué. This PPI 5 project aims to scale up the previous initiative by extending it to the entire lower Ouémé delta or “Grand Nokoué” complex including Lake Nokoué, the Porto Novo lagoon and the Ouémé and Sô rivers.


This territory, corresponding to the RAMSAR 1018 site, is located in the south-east of Benin and covers approximately 31,000 hectares spread over 3 local authorities (communes). It is a deltaic complex made up of a river, a lake and a lagoon connected to each other by channels that communicate with the Atlantic Ocean. The flora of the project site is characterized by primary forest islands, (Rhizophora, Drepanocarpus, Raphia, Dalbergia, etc, and Acacia auriculiformis plantations. Alongside these ligneous plants, a diversity of species is also developing, constituting the herbaceous carpet. As for the fauna, it is varied with a diversity of fishery resources, avifauna (site classified as Area of ​​Importance for the Conservation of Birds, IBA), reptiles and mammals.


Unsustainable practices during the use of the resources of these ecosystems, (fishing, hunting, logging, grazing, etc.), for several decades have resulted in the degradation and fragmentation of the complex’s ecosystems and the non-optimization of services associated ecosystems.


BEES ONG proposes in this project to strengthen the local governance of natural resources to preserve the territorial integrity of Grand Nokoué, promote community engagement and influence public policies related to nature conservation; Improve the environmental management of Grand Nokoué and finally promote ecotourism to support local development.


The project will benefit from the co-financing of the IUCN NL “Shared Resources, Joint Solutions” project which operates in the Ouémé Delta. TETRAKTYS will also provide advisory support to BEES ONG for the development and implementation of the tourism component of the project.



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