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Decentralized Partnership for Biodiversity and Ecotourism in Comoé (PDBEC)

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The Association for the Management of Natural Resources and Fauna of Comoé Léraba, (AGEREF CL), is an NGO that had been supported within the framework of the project “Management of conservation territories in West Africa” (TC-AO) , financed by the FFEM and implemented by the IUCN-PACO.


This project, located in the southwest of Burkina-Faso, concerned the management of the Classified Forest and Partial Fauna Reserve of Comoé-Léraba, (FCRPF / CL), which covers an area of ​​125,000 ha, the concession of which was awarded by the State under contract to AGEREF CL as a pilot experiment. AGEREF-CL has associated the 3 neighboring municipalities (Niangoloko, Banfora and Mangodara) in the management of these spaces.


This PPI project is therefore the extension of the TC-AO project and will be implemented in the same FCRP / CL as well as in the Classified Forest of Niangoloko (FCN, 7,200 ha). The FCRPF / CL is home to 464 species of birds, 62 species of reptiles and 123 species of mammals including Bubales, (Alcelaphus buselaphus major), Hippotragues, (Hippotragus equinus), Buffoon cones, (Kobus cob), as well as rare species such as than the lion, (Panthera leo, VU), and the leopard (Panthera pardus, LC).


The faunal population of the FCN is a weaker zone in terms of fauna since it is mainly composed of warthogs, (Phacochoerus africana, LC), harnessed bushbuck, (Tragelaphus scriptus, LC), and especially savanna elephants (Loxodonta africana, VU ) of which about twenty individuals are counted in the FCN. These two protected areas are under great pressure from illegal grazing by domestic animals, illegal gold mining and illegal hunting.


The model of community management and local governance of natural resources developed by AGEREF / CL has made it possible to strengthen the protection of the FCRPF / CL and to promote the development of options for the sustainable valuation of biodiversity (ecotourism, valuation of products Non-Wood Foresters). The objective of the project is to put in place tools for local governance and sustainable management of the FCN, to consolidate the partnership management already underway in the FCRPF / CL while strengthening existing infrastructures, to carry out development activities habitat for wildlife in the two targeted areas, and to develop an attractive ecotourism offer to support local development in the area.


The project is carried out in partnership with the Project for the Improvement of Agricultural Productivity and Food Security (PAPSA) of the Ministry of the Environment and the French Tetraktys Association, which is in charge of the ecotourism component.





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