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Togo – Application of the Fauna and Flora Law (TALFF)

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The illegal wildlife trade is the fourth largest illicit trafficking in the world, with profits estimated at $ 19 billion per year. Togo is not spared by this international traffic and has even become a “global hub” for several years. Indeed, surveys carried out in Central Africa, (Gabon, Cameroon) and West (Guinea), have pointed out Togo as being an important transit point for ivory but also parrots, reptiles and even horns rhinoceros.


The National Alliance of Consumers and the Environment, (ANCE-TOGO), is a Togolese NGO made up of lawyers and investigators who specialize in the field of environment and health. The TALFF project, which benefits from the experience and financial support of LAGA, started in 2013 with activities focused on the capital, Lomé.


Given the magnitude of the traffic and the good results obtained, a new phase of the project is proposed with the aim of consolidating the achievements and expanding activities throughout the Maritime region. The aim is to promote a practical approach to strengthen effective law enforcement and to fight poaching and illegal trade in wildlife and plant species nationwide.




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