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Application of the law on wildlife in Benin

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Illegal wildlife trade is the 4th largest illicit trade in the world, with estimated profits of $ 19 billion per year. The current United Nations Organization Secretary General has described the fight against this trafficking as an issue of protection of the environment and cultural heritage of many countries, but also of security, stability and economy. Benin is not spared by this trafficking, with poachers operating in the north of the country around the Pendjari Park and the W Park. In addition, Cotonou is an important transit zone for wildlife trafficking from other countries because it is equipped with an autonomous port and an international airport.


The NGO Nature Tropicale, which has benefited from the support of IUCN Netherlands for several years, is relatively well known in Benin for its actions in favor of the protection of endangered species, whether through eco-trips whale-watching tourism, for example, or through surveys of traffickers of protected animals.


She also produces documentaries and short reports that she broadcasts on a daily program on national TV (BB24 / ORTB). The NGO proposes here to replicate in Benin the model of wildlife law enforcement project successfully used by the EAGLE Network (Eco Activists for Governance & Law Enforcement) in other countries, benefiting from the support of a member of the network, Conservation Justice. The project has already started and is starting to show good results, including the seizure of 86 kg of ivory in August 2014.


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