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Promotion of the Gandoule Community Protected Marine Area

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The Gandoule Community Protected Marine Area, (AMPG, 15,732 ha), is located in the Fatick region, in central western Senegal and is part of the Saloum Delta Biosphere Reserve (RBDS, 334,000 ha). Composed of 14 islands, the AMPG contains an important network of bodies of fresh water, brackish to salt, (ponds, bolongs, etc.), a set of particular ecosystems, (mangroves, savannas, tannes, mud flats, Sang Island, etc.), which form breeding islands for birds. However, this marine protected area is threatened by the overexploitation of fishery resources, the excessive cutting of mangrove wood, the extraction of sea sand and the salinization of the land.


Despite everything, the AMPG is full of significant eco-tourism potential (marine and coastal biodiversity, estuarine location, position in the Saloum Delta Biosphere Reserve, cultural wealth, proximity to camps and hotels, camping, walks, etc.) that deserve to be better valued.


The objective of this project, carried by the management county of the AMPG, is to contribute to better management and enhancement of the Gandoule Community Marine Protected Area.

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