PPI 6 : Selection Committee for Historical Partners – 15 Projects Selected

Published on 29 June 2022
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On the 10th and 11th of May 2022, the members of the PPI project selection committee met in Paris to study the proposals of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that have already benefited from PPI support in Central and West Africa. 15 new projects were selected in 7 different countries for a total amount of 771 200 €.


As part of the 6th phase of the PPI, 53 partners of the program were concerned by a call for proposals restricted to historical partners in Central and West Africa. Among the 49 proposals received, 18 projects were pre-selected. The organizations were supported by regional coordinators working for the PPI in putting together the files until March 2022.


Prior to the selection committee, each file was studied by 3 independent evaluators who were able to assess the quality of the projects submitted according to different criteria (issues and threats, relevance and coherence of the projects, organizational capacities, etc.). During the selection committee, each project is presented and then opinions are shared between the evaluators and the other members of the selection committee. Regional coordinators also provide additional information concerning the contexts and realities of each organizations. The selection committee is also an opportunity to submit proposals to organizations in order for  them to improve their work.


At the end of the two days, 15 projects were selected (full list of selected projects here) for a total amount of 771 200 € (i.e. an average of around 50 000 €/project). Through these grants lasting from 12 to 36 months, the organizations will have the common objective of carrying out local biodiversity conservation projects through concrete actions in the field. Among the projects selected, we can for example cite:


– The project led by ABOYERD in Cameroon, the objective of which is to support the conservation of the 3 pangolin species and their habitat by targeting 7 key villages in the western zone of the Mbam and Djerem National Park.

– The project carried out by RENATURA in the Republic of Congo, which aims to contribute to strengthening the means of conservation of marine species benefiting from a legal conservation status by carrying out priority actions and creating the first tools to support public decision-making .

– The BISSAKOUPOU project in Burkina Faso, whose goal is to contribute to the conservation of Woozi hippopotamuses through sustainable and participatory management of their habitat.

We would like to warmly thank the members of the selection committee (list of members here) for their investment and their participation, which makes it possible to guarantee the independence of the process and to strengthen the dialogue with our partners. This committee is made up of representatives of French associations, donors, independent experts, but also historical partners of the PPI who were not eligible for this call for projects.


A big congratulations to all the selected partners and good luck for the realization of these projects! At each committee, the choice of projects retained is increasingly difficult, which testifies to the real development of African civil society in the field of the environment.


The PPI is pleased to continue to support the selected organizations but also to continue the collaboration with all of its historical partners.

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