Organisational Development Support Fund (FADO): 8 PPI winners selected!

Published on 20 December 2023
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Following the call for applications launched in July 2023, 8 long-standing PPI partner associations have been selected to receive support from the Organisational Development Support Fund (FADO), the new PPI funding mechanism designed to support CSOs in their growth trajectory!



1) A new system for organisational support for PPI partners


In terms of structural and organisational strengthening, the scale of the challenges faced by partner associations is enormous. They depend on funding from donors, which is generally associated with competitive and unstable calls for proposals: timetables that are difficult to predict, selection deadlines, themes that vary according to donor priorities, low proportion of funding from donors to finance structural costs, payroll or management costs, etc. This context makes it difficult to gradually build stable organisations capable of establishing the conditions necessary for effective day-to-day operation.


This context makes it difficult to gradually build stable organisations capable of putting in place the conditions needed for effective day-to-day operation, so as to deliver impact on the ground over the long term.

In response to these challenges, and in line with the work carried out over the last few years, the PPI launched a call for proposals last July to set up an Organisational Development Support Fund (FADO).


Aimed at the programme’s long-standing partners, this fund is designed to support the gradual build-up of organisations by strengthening their long-term organisational and structural capacities in areas relating to :

association governance, to be able to define a long-term strategy and effective management;

human resources, to build the capacity of the association’s members and/or employees, particularly in technical and organisational areas;

the association’s material capacity, to ensure the operational conditions necessary to achieve the association’s mission and strategic objectives (physical infrastructure, means of transport, access to IT, legal services, etc.);

improving the association’s institutional positioning, so that it can be integrated into relevant networks and improve the quality of its relations with governments, administrations and other stakeholders.


The aim of this new PPI mechanism is therefore to finance clearly identified structural needs, which are essential to the proper functioning of civil society organisations (CSOs). It should help to strengthen their capacity for action, and consequently their impact on the ground, in terms of biodiversity conservation, local development and human well-being.



2) 8  PPI  organisations selected


A total of 35 proposals were received from the PPI’s long-standing partner NGOs, over 50% of which were designed to meet needs in the areas of communication, strategy, governance, management and fundraising.


Following the organisation of an internal selection committee in November, the PPI team in Paris finally selected 8 projects, including 1 in the Republic of Congo, 1 in Côte d’Ivoire, 1 in Cameroon, 1 in Benin, 3 in Cape Verde and 1 in Ghana, which will benefit from structural support (support in communication, strategy, purchase of equipment, etc.) for a period of 18 months, and which will have a significant impact on the development of their organisation.


 See the list of selected FADO projects

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