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Who are we?

Coalition for Development of Northern Ghana (NORTHCODE GHANA) operates in Northern Ghana alongside Biodiversity Conservation activities, Advocacy and Research, Health Program and Agric and Food Security.


Our main objective is to promote sustainable and equitable development of the deprived, poor and vulnerable societies, communities and individuals to reflect social justice in our operational areas.


Specific objectives are :

– To enhance self-generated development processes that promote the rights and freedoms of all citizens in Northern Ghana, allowing them to drive their own development agenda;

– To increase citizens’, especially marginalized groups, participation in decision-making processes through the adoption of participatory processes in the planning, management and execution of development activities, whiles ensuring a balanced and equitable distribution of the fruits of development as a matter of right;

– To promote the efficient and effective management of natural resources, the environment and climate change for the benefit of the citizenry;

– To promote the empowerment of women to assert and uphold their own rights and responsibilities by enhancing access to education and resources;

– To ensure improved and sustainable livelihoods of deprived communities and poor households;

Our actions

  • Environmental Security and Climate Change Adaptation,
  • Education and Health Promotion,
  • Evidenced based Advocacy and Research,
  • Gender Empowerment and Social Inclusion Activities,
  • Agriculture and Food security.
  • Biodiversity Conservation & Alternative Livelihoods Reinforcement