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Who are we?

Herp Conservation Ghana (Herp-Ghana) is a registered non-governmental, non-profit organization (registration number CG058602018) dedicated to amphibians and reptiles conservation in Ghana. The organization envisions a society committed to the conservation of amphibians and reptiles and the sustainable management and preservation of dying habitats on which species depend. The organization adopts participatory, interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches and / or processes to understand and mitigate threats to species and their habitat.


– Improve knowledge on amphibians and reptiles in Ghana and across West Africa through cutting edge research

– Facilitate policy interventions relevant for amphibian and reptile conservation in Ghana and across West Africa

– Instigate the adoption of conservation sensitive behaviors through innovative awareness raising programs among key stakeholders

– Enhance in-country and regional capacity in amphibian and reptile conservation in Ghana and across West Africa.

– Protect and restore habitat for endangered species

– Implement practical on-the-ground science-based conservation intervention beneficial to biodiversity conservation in West Africa

Nos actions

  • Community based natural resources programs
  • Species recovery programs
  • Habitat restoration