FON – Friends of the Nation

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Who are we?

Friends of the Nation (FoN) is a legally registered socio-environmental advocacy NGO established in 1993 in Ghana and works in more than 300 communities. FoN is committed to enhancing active citizenship, social accountability and promoting human rights in Natural Resource and good governance.

Les objectifs

– FoN serves as a catalyst for active citizenship and social accountability actions in  natural resource and good governance

– advocate for respect and recognition of human rights in sustainable natural resources management

– Network with other civil society organizations for information and experience sharing and joint actions.

Nos actions

  • Ensuring responsible mining, fisheries, healthy oceans and environment.
  • Supporting active citizenship and social accountability in utilisation of public resources and good governance.
  • Advocating an integrated approach to population, health and environment (PHE) management
  • Contribute to private sector growth through advocacy and PPP.