Special RFI – C’est pas du vent broadcast on the PPI

Published on 2 April 2021
ICON/BTN/arrow/2/arrow-down Created with Sketch. Conservation des écosystèmesSpecial RFI – C’est pas du vent broadcast on the PPI

What is the PPI? Can we conciliate nature conservation and economic activities? Can we innovate to protect turtles? How does the PPI support emerging organizations? What is the trajectory of these organizations?


You will find so many answers in this program C’est pas du vent, hosted by Anne-Cécile Bras, entirely dedicated to the Small Initiatives Program.

Also find the impressions of Constance Corbier-Barthaux, Biodiversity project manager at FFEM, which has been funding the PPI for 15 years.



If you want more information on CAMGEW, AMMCO or ESI Congo, it is here: https://www.programmeppi.org/en/les-beneficiaires/


Thank you again to RFI for this beautiful highlighting of the PPI and its partners.


Enjoy the show.

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