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Concerted management project of the mangrove ecosystem of the commune of Ouonck

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The commune of Ouonck is located in Senegal, in Casamance, in the Kalounayes area. It is located in the northern part of the Casamance river along its tributary, the Soungrougrou. The ecology of the Kalounayes area is characterized by the presence of a huge forest called the Kalounayes forest, where along the watershed we find a dense forest of mangroves.


The drought of the last 20 years recorded in the area has favored the penetration into the interior of the salty tongue. It has resulted in an increase in the salinity and oxidation of mangrove soils leading to a gradual disappearance of the mangrove and a gradual extension of tan zones (Wolof “tan”, expanses of salty land located behind the mangroves).


This gradual disappearance of mangroves has led to the disappearance of fauna in the Soungrougrou ​​river and a drop in rice productivity. Thus, this decline in rice productivity has pushed young people to immigrate to other areas. In addition, there are logging actions carried out by local residents. This project will be located in the commune of Ouonck, made up of 24 villages, and located 45 km from Bignona, the departmental capital.


The municipality covers an area of ​​13,000 ha and 18 villages in this municipality will benefit from this project. AJAC, in close collaboration with GRDR / Ziguinchor, is initiating this project for the management and preservation of mangroves and fishery resources in the coastal areas of the commune of Ouonck with a view to social economic development. The objective of the project is to strengthen the community dynamic of participatory, equitable and sustainable management of the mangrove ecosystem in the commune of Ouonck.

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