Fundacao Tartaruga

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Who are we?

The Fundação Tartaruga is an NGO that has been working in the conservation and protection of sea turtles since 2012. However, our story begins in 2008 when the Turtle Foundation, our partner organization registered in Germany, launched a programme to monitoring and conservation of nesting beaches following reports that more than 1,200 were killed in 2007.

Since then, in addition to the installation of camps to monitor nesting beaches, FT has been working on the conservation of biodiversity on the island of Boa vista, through awareness raising campaigns, advocacy activities, scientific studies and the implementation of community projects.


– to contribute to the protection and conservation of sea turtles and their habitats;

– to promote a close and permanent contact with the country’s authorities, in order to create programs for the conservation and protection of the environment in Cape Verde, focusing mainly on the protection of sea turtles;

– to promote, support and develop actions, projects and programs aimed at the protection of sea turtles;

– to promote training and information actions with the communities to instil the principles of conservation and protection, respect for nature and sustainable use of natural resources;

Our actions

  • Monitoring of nesting beaches and protection of nesting females through night patrols and day censuses;
  • Scientific research of the turtle population and its genetic information through data collection
  • Financial, logistical and scientific support to local associations in the implementation of their sea turtle conservation projects;
  • Participation in national and international sea turtle forums
  • Guidance and promoting alternative activities as source of income for local populations;