FMB – Fundacao Maio Biodiversidade

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Who are we?

The Fundacao Maio Biodiversidade is a Cape Verdean conservation organization that believes natural resource management works best when responsibility is placed in the hands of local communities. This works in the conservation and protection of the environment while creating economic opportunities for local communities.

The objectives

Strategic objective 1: Financial viability of the organization

Strategic objective 2: Deepen and disseminate the conservation of Maio’s biodiversity

Strategic objective 3: Promotion of sustainable environmental policies and practices

Strategic objective 4: Increase the active participation of local communities in conservation projects

Our actions

  • protecting the nests of nesting sea turtles
  • the protection of dolphins and whales,
  • protection of the area and ecosystem of Terras Salgadas,
  • the protection of the ecosystem of Salina (salt marsh) Porto Ingles,
  • promote community education and ecotourism through awareness-raising activities, a cinema and the creation of a biodiversity center.