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Who are we?

The Ebo forest is located in the Gulf of Guinea biodiversity hotspot, and the goal of the Ebo Forest Research Project is to promote the conservation of the rich biodiversity of the forest through a well-designed and well-supported Ebo National Park. Since 2002 following the discovery of gorillas in Ebo forest, EFRP has been working in and around the forest.

The objectives

Understand the ecological dynamics and threats to the biodiversity of the forest west and north of the proposed Ebo National Park.

Instil pride in communities west and north of the Ebo forest for their unique primate species diversity.

Reduce reliance on forest and biodiversity as income and protein sources.

Our actions

  • Conduct surveys to ascertain primate species in forest adjacent to villages.
  • Conduct monthly bushmeat offtake to ascertain species in bushmeat trade.
  • Conduct participatory mapping to ascertain village land use.
  • Conduct socio-economic surveys to ascertain community status
  • Support alternative livelihoods that reduce reliance on forest.