Associação Projeto Biodiversidade

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Who are we?

Project Biodiversity is a Cabo Verdean organisation committed to conserving and restoring the island’s unique ecosystems. Based on the island of Sal, the project implements community-focused programmes that achieve ambitious conservation goals while supporting sustainable economic growth for the community

Our objectives

– To implement conservation programmes that protect the island’s wildlife and surrounding ecosystems as well as foster a model for sustainable growth

– To develop and execute outreach programmes that inspire local communities to develop a personal dedication to environmental protection;

– to support and build community capacity to realize the health, economic, and personal benefits of environmental protection.

– To support and advocate for environmentally responsible decision-making that will secure an enduring balance between ecological resilience and economic

Our actions

  • Direct protection and conservation of the nesting Loggerhead sea turtles and their habitats ;
  • Conservation and monitoring of local and migratory bird species ;
  • Assessment and protection of other flora and fauna throughout protected area management ;
  • Development and execution of programmes that promote conservation as well as support economic and personal development of local communities;
  • Capacity building that supports sustainability in the fishing, tourism, and governmental sectors ;